Personality with Heritage

We’re a personalized designer jewelry couple, with years of experience in the luxury category.
Eric: “I commenced my career in jewelry as a certified and practicing goldsmith. Following this I worked in sales and service for some of the most renowned jewelry companies in Germany. More recently, I was the general manager of Halada jewelry stores in the Czech Republic. Svetlana and I met in 2012 and thanks to her unique creativity when it came to jewelry design, using pearls and gemstones she joined the Halada family where she created a range of exclusive pieces, which proved to be highly desirable. After the sale of the Halada business, Svetlana and I decided to create our own story and thus, the DNA brand was born. Giving us the opportunity to realize our ambitions, to truly personalize luxury for our clients.

The jewelry category not unlike many others today, feels like it’s a “one size fits all” approach, with both design and material selection being pretty homogenized. We really want to take a much more individual and personalized approach to jewelry and life. Getting to know our clients personally is very important to us. Understanding what they really want only comes from meeting face to face, where we can then in collaboration design something bespoke for them.
Beyond personalized jewelry, thanks to our past experience we also have access to a wide range of designers and suppliers of engagement rings, wedding rings, stunning pearl jewelry and beautiful gemstones. In an attempt to escape ‘the norm’ we don’t have stores or stock but endeavor to produce things from our experience and contacts that is personal, for us both.


Our other passion is creating events. Where we can display the work of our very interesting jewelry partners, artists, painters and sculptors alike from around the world. As lovers of personalized luxury we love to promote these artists’ work. It’s also an opportunity for our friends to discover these artisans work, and of course purchase a piece for themselves too.
We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing some enjoyable times together