Personality with Heritage

To personalize luxury, at DNA we understand this involves having a wide range of products and services to offer to our friends and clients. Most of the jewelry we offer, while not in stock can be viewed upon request. If you know what you are looking for we can arrange a face to face meeting where you can view the pieces you are interested in. If you are looking for other services, such as a one-off piece or simply the care and maintenance of pieces you hold dear, please contact us to arrange a meeting. We are confident we‘ll find the the very best solution for you

Looking for Gemstones, Diamonds or Pearls.

With our extensive dealer network we’ve built up over decades of experience we can procure the very finest gemstones, diamonds and pearls with advantageous conditions. We’re sure we’ll find what you’re dreaming of.

Custom Made Jewelry
If you are seeking to have your very own unique jewelry made, we can also help fulfill this dream. We’d be delighted to meet and discuss your wishes and with the assistance of our designers 3D modeling, you get a glimpse of your heart’s desire before work starts. We have many years experience in this discipline and many delighted customers whom can attest to the stunning and high quality pieces we’ve collaborated on to realize
If you have some jewelry which you feel may have gone out of style and sadly sits in a cupboard at home, please contact us. We can make some remodeling suggestions to bring it back to life and have you wearing it again.
We work with highly skilled goldsmiths who can make the most difficult of repairs. Your jewelry will be in the very best hands and returned to you in the very best condition